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Embracing Your Attributes

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Have you ever met any woman who totally loves everything about their own body. I think not!!! I’m too tall, I’m too short, I’m too fat, I’m too skinny. There will always be something we aren’t excited about. Get over it and move on! Embracing your physical attributes doesn’t mean you can’t change bad habits, it means you accept it for where you are and then move on from there. During most of my childhood, I was rather skinny. I hated that as much as a person hates being heavy. I was incredibly insulted when someone would call me skinny. ( Oh to go back to those days), In Junior High I started getting taller than everyone else. I just kept growing and growing and became more clumsy and less coordinated. To hide my height, I started slumping my shoulders more and more. I didn’t think anyone would notice that I was taller and clumsier than most girls my age if I was slumping. Didn’t work. I was so self- conscious about my height that I didn’t allow my friends to see me for who I was. I wore ill-fitting clothes and flat shoes. I looked and felt frumpy. I didn’t date much. I think I was the type of girl who was the marrying type, not the dating type. You’ve heard it. Some girls have the qualities men want in a wife and some have the qualities men want in a date… and they definitely aren’t the same. When I was 29, I met this tall handsome guy who later turned out to be my husband. He loved my height and helped me realize something very important. I can’t believe it took me 29 years to learn this. He said, “You are tall and there is no denying that.

So unless you plan on cutting your legs off, embrace that fact and use it to your advantage. People already look at you and say, “Wow, she is tall.” Now let them look at you and say, “Wow, she is tall and beautiful.” I decided to try it out. I started wearing heels. I immediately started walking with more pose and dignity. I worked on my posture, standing up straight and holding my head high. People still noticed that I was tall, but the difference was, they weren’t making fun of me. They were jealous of my height because I began to wear it proudly. It was amazing!! And to think that I

wasted so many years by slumping around and “not wanting to be tall.” This is how God made me. And what a pleasure it is to feel confident that God did not make a mistake. Embrace your attributes you can’t change and learn to highlight the ones you love.