Fundraising made simple…

…it’s a WIN / WIN for everyone!

Need additional money for:

  • the new playground equipment?
  • the new building project?
  • children’s programs?
  • the new ministry opportunity?
  • funding a missionary?
  • camp scholarships?
  • help meeting the annual budget?

Your church or organization can raise a considerable amount of money, and also give your members valuable content that could significantly change their lives for the better.

Ronda Fisher, author of MultiFaceted & Fabulous: Turning Women Under Pressure into Priceless Diamonds,  has figured out a way to PAY YOU for allowing her to deliver life-changing content to your group of women.


If your church or organization could use more funds,
please call (661) 310-9313 or
email us at
and we will set up a customized program just for you.



How it works:

Fisher Success Group will partner with your organization to host a personal development workshop or seminar, where literally thousands of dollars can be raised with  NO RISK to you. You sell tickets to your members and then split the profits with Fisher Success Group after expenses. Fisher Success Group is using a proven system that has worked to help hundreds of organizations just like yours.

Speaker, Author, Coach


What are we talking about:

Ronda has designed a complete personal development workshop for women called Developing the Diamond Within.  Ranging from 1-3 hours in length, these events are full of action packed content, hands-on activities, small group interaction, and goal setting. Your attendees will leave with a game plan in place to begin the life they have always wanted: a life of purpose, conviction, dedication, and commitment.

What your members get out of it:

Participants will walk away with tips and strategies to:

  • laugh more often
  • be healthier, both physically and mentally
  • have more energy
  • be motivated to do things they’ve always wanted to do
  • prioritize the most important things in life
  • take better care of oneself
  • set boundaries in life
  • deal with stress once and for all
  • get a positive prospective on life
  • manage daily tasks more effectively
  • produce greater results
  • form accountability groups


There is a diamond inside everyone. Sometimes that diamond gets covered up and is less than brilliant because of issues in life. We all have issues. It’s how you deal with those issues that sets apart the diamonds that shine… and those that don’t.


       Ronda will take your women on a journey of discovering true brilliance.


Here is what other’s have to say about Ronda after hearing her speak:

“I just heard Ronda share from her heart.  Her clear message was so powerful I literally felt a shift.  A situation which I was viewing as hopeless and out of my hands was suddenly HOPEFUL!  I’m going to go home and start reminding my daughter what a priceless diamond she is to me.  Ronda – I really wish I heard your message 18 years earlier… but it’s NEVER too late!  Thank you for this priceless gift.”-Victoria Gabaldon

“As a woman who has lived within the tension of desiring a family, yet also a vibrant, meaningful career, it was extremely refreshing to observe Ronda Fisher in action.  Observing her strong commitment to her spouse and children while becoming a published author and keynote speaker filled me with expectant joy that these can both wonderfully co-exist.  Thank you, Ronda for being a lovely example of a modern-day Proverbs 31 woman.”  -Tiffnie Jackson

“Ronda – Thank you so much for your talk last week.  It really hit home to me – as I was a remote worker for three years and if I had had the opportunity to hear your talk then I would have been more open to letting others know what my needs were.  Your talk also confirmed that I need to look at my priorities that matter the most to me and work on them.  Thanks again and I look forward to letting you know of my progress…”  -Lee Sola

 The Next Step:

Call  Fisher Success Group at (661) 310-9313 

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and we will work together to schedule your event and 

create your best fundraising experience ever.

Want to know more about Ronda?

Ronda has been teaching and inspiring women for over 25 years in many different forums from college dormitories, to small group Bible studies, to women’s associations and even her own Shine & Dine Women’s Luncheon.

Ronda has had an wide variety of life experience on which to draw powerful lessons to share with others. Her unique experiences as a woman, friend, wife, mother, sister, daughter, and teacher has compelled her to share with others what it takes to be a diamond woman and to inspire others to do the same. She speaks to groups everywhere about her experiences and motivates others to be MultiFaceted and Fabulous.

Ronda now lives in Southern California with her husband, Forest Fisher, who is also a motivational speaker. Forest and Ronda have 3 children who inspire them daily to make a difference today for generations tomorrow.

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