July 2011 Shine & Dine: Women’s Wellness

How many times have you said, “I wish I knew then, what I know now.”

Now is your chance to hear from women who know. Women who have experience in women’s health issues. Come to Shine & Dine July 12 to learn some KEY STRATEGIES that will greatly affect your health and your future.

Here are just a few topics we will cover:

My hormones are all over the place. How do I manage them?
What can I do to relieve the symptoms of menopause?
What effect does sleep deprivation have on my health?
How dangerous is my cell phone? What is it doing to my body?
How important is exercise, as I get older?
What is the best thing I can do for my health?
How to listen to what your body is telling you.
Why does my blood type affect how I feel?

We have a fabulous panel of speakers who are experts in their field and they are coming to help YOU make a difference in your health. After the panel’s presentations, there will be a Q & A time to get to the core of the issues you want to know more about.


Part 1 – Intro and Ronda’s story

Part 2 – Karen and Erin’s tips

Part 3 – Alison and Kim’s tips

Part 4 – Q & A and Closing

The experts on the panel are:

Erin Calderone, BS., HFS, CPF

Erin is currently finishing her Master’s of Science in Exercise Physiology and teaching labs at CSUN in the Kinesiology department. She has also contributed to Muscle & Fitness and Muscle & Fitness HERS magazines. Erin is addicted to running and completed the 2009 Los Angeles Marathon as well as placing 3rd in her age group in the 2009 SCV 5K in Valencia, and is putting together a running team for this year’s SCV 5K/Half Marathon in November. But anything that gets your heart pumping is her cup of tea: she also dabbles in tennis, cycling, spin classes, yoga, skateboarding and dancing.

Karen Roth, MS, CNC

Karen is one of a growing number of international healthcare professionals who have been specially trained and certified in the Management of Menopause Type® Program, a holistic model that has benefited women for over 17 years. The program recognizes that there are twelve different Menopause Types, each requiring an individualized approach to alleviating symptoms and reducing health risks.

As a Holistic Nutritionist, Karen educates her clients on the best ways to prevent disease, but even more importantly, how to take their current state of health and strive for optimal health, which can result in increased energy and an overall feeling of wellbeing.

Kim Wahl
Kim Wahl is the manager of the Valencia wellness center and has been using Homeopathy for the past twenty-four years. The power of naturally treating you and your family is easy if you have some of the right tools on hand. Part of what Kim does at the wellness center is education. The power of knowing ourselves and understanding what our bodies are trying to tell us is a lost art, and Kim educates her clients to treat the emotional, physical, and mental symptoms of a person. True healing comes from you and if you understand what is going on then you can work to fix the problem forever.

Alison Lindemann

Alison is owner and founder of WSI, a team of specially trained and certified Internet business experts, ready to deliver products and services that best meet your business needs and your budget.

Alison is currently in a battle with breast cancer. She has learned a lot over the years and although she has a very successful business to show for it, there are some things she wishes she would have done differently. Hear Alison’s story and be inspired to make small changes in YOUR life that may make a huge difference.

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